This sections contains various libraries/framework with various purposes, mostly related to j2ee development and based on the Spring framework

Openutils Testing

Easy unit testing with Spring and DBUnit

Version 2.2.2 released on 2009.09.03 Read more »

Openutils Deployment

Easy environment-based configuration for Spring

Version 2.2.1 released on 2011.08.11 Read more »

Openutils EL functions

Useful EL functions for jsps

Version 1.1.2 released on 2010.02.28 Read more »


the simple db update framework for java applications

Version 2.0.9 released on 2010.11.10 Read more »

Openutils log4j extensions

useful log4j goodies

Version 2.0.5 released on 2009.09.04 Read more »

Openutils BSHD5

Base DAO for Spring and Hibernate
Version 2.1.0 released on 2011.06.03 Read more »