Tagcloud module for Magnolia CMS

Version 5.0.10 is available for Magnolia 4.5.
Warning: release 5.0.10 contains API changes due to the removal of all the deprecated Magnolia APIs.

The Tagcloud module for Magnolia CMS is a custom module for Magnolia CMS for generating and managing tag clouds.

Building tag clouds based on a Jcr backed is usually really complex due to the hiearchical organization of content. The TagCloud module is a ready-to-use solution with several advantages:

  • directly uses lucene inxedes and not Magnolia/Jcr APIs, it's fast!
  • provide a simple html for your customization
  • automatic caching of generated tagclouds (if needed)
  • retrieve inserted tags and provide a 'facebook like' input dialog, see the screenshot below.

See the how to for details on how to configure and use it.

Magnolia/jackrabbit versions

Each tag cloud module release is deeply tied to a specific jackrabbit/lucene version. Pick your choice:

magnoliajackrabbittagcloud module
Css styled tagcloud
Tagcloud control in action with typed search

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