ContextMenu module for Magnolia CMS

Version 5.0.10 is available for Magnolia 4.5.

Magnolia ContextMenu is a custom Magnolia module providing an alternative way for editing contents.
Magnolia's traditional approach is paragraph-centric: an edit bar stays on top of the paragraph and the corresponding dialog contains edit controls for all properties of the paragraph. Although this is good in most situations there may be cases where you have a lot of properties to configured (e.g. form labels) and such approach will translate in:

  • a lot of development effort to build all the custom dialogs with tons of fields
  • not so easy-to-use interface for editors, that can be lost in complex dialogs where they have to find the right property to change... 

In such situation, ContextMenu's  property-centric approach can be valuable: a context menu can be attached to an element of the paragraph (e.g. a text), exposing menu commands for editing specific properties of the paragraph, without any pre-configured dialog.

As an example, consider a paragraph composed by a media object and some rich text: right-clicking on the text will open a context-menu with the commands:

  • Edit text: opens a dialog with a rich edit control;
  • Edit media: opens a dialog with a select media control.

The advantages of using the ContextMenu module are:

  • quick editing: editor users are provided with a shortcut for changing specific elements of the paragraph, without the need to search for the corresponding control in a possibly complex paragraph dialog;
  • simplified dialogs: for some kinds of paragraphs (e.g. forms) a usual requirement is to have many similar elements (e.g. field labels / hints) configurable via cms, leading to cumbersome dialog definitions; with ContextMenu making an element configurable does not need any configuration of the paragraph dialog, avoiding heavy weight dialogs tabs full of copy/pasted controls;
  • fast response to "Please modify that text" customer requests: making an element of the paragraph editable will be as easy as wrapping it with a custom tag.


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