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Decembre 2013 - Updated modules for Magnolia 4.5

A new set of releases for Magnolia 4.5. While upgrading Magnolia modules for an upcoming 5.0 compatible release we also released all the 4.5 modules in order to clean up all the deprecated APIs.

You will find a new version labeled 5.0.10 for Magnolia 4.5 for the following modules:


Please pay attention that there may be significant API changes in 5.0.10, due to the removal of deprecated APIs:

  • many signatures that were still using the old "info.magnolia.cms.core.Content" have been upgraded in order to use javax.jcr.Node.
  • even methods that were using the new ContentMap objects have been updated to use jcr Nodes. The utils module also contains a special EL resolver which let you use Nodes directly into jsps without problems.


see you soon for the first Magnolia 5 compatible releases, we are working hard at it ;)